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The ADK Share Offer

The Company wishes to sell fully paid ordinary shares at $0.52c each (“the Shares”) to raise a first tranche of AUD $5 million. Shares are offered to no more than twenty Retail Investors to raise up to $2 million and the remaining Shares are offered to a limited number of Sophisticated Investors (including overseas based investors) to raise up to $3 million.

Austral Dutch Kaolin Pty Ltd is a private Australian company incorporated in 2001 for the purposes of mining resource exploration in Central Queensland. A number of exploratory and mining licenses (EMPs and MDLs) are in the company’s charge and signficant geological and core sample testing has take place to conclude that the comany has mineral opportunities in the region and upon government clearence intends to break soil and move to commercialisation of the Kaolin and other mineral deposits.

Retail & Sophisticated Investors

Australian Securities legislation provides for a distinction between Retail Investors and Sophisticated Investors. For the purposes of this offer, Sophisticated Investors are those who invest AUD $100,000 or more, or who provide an accountant’s letter confirming that they have earned more than AUD $250,000 net taxable income for the past two years OR have held net assets of $2.5 million for the past two years. They can also be overseas residents. Retail Investors are those who do not qualify as a Sophisticated Investors.

Offers made to any Investor are made pursuant to the provisions under Section 708 of the Corporations Law 2001 which provides the Company can only raise $2m from a maximum of 20 parcels of shares in a 12-month period from Retail Investors. However, we have opened the balance offer up to Sophisticated Investors.

The Investment Process

If you are interested in investing, contact us on any page of this  website and we will provide you with a Private Offer Information Memorandum and a FeaseX financial study. When you are ready, complete the Application Form and deposit funds into the Company’s account.
Share Certificates will be issued to you any lodged with ASIC.

  • Consider Investment Iinformation
  • Complete Share Application
  • Transfer Funds
  • Shares and Certificate Issued
  • ASIC Notified of Transaction

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Mineral Extraction Opportunities


Kaolin also called china clay, is a soft white clay that is an essential ingredient to make china and porcelain, paper, rubber, paint, and many other products.

Oil Shale

Besides the traditional conversion of Oil Shale to oil products, we also have a use for it in our Australian Liquid Fertilizer venture. Fulvic and Humic Acid are also bi-products.


The Mt Coolon property has significant Gold deposits which we are evaluating via EPMs which will require further geologic sampling and application.

Inestment F.A.Q’s

We have preapred a number of common questions we are asked by new Investors including a standard Corporations Act disclaimer. We look forward to you becoming our next valued Investor.

Investment Disclaimer

Any Private Offer issued by the Company is not a Prospectus and has a lower level of disclosure than a Prospectus. It combines a small scale or private offer (issued by the Company under Section 708 of the Corporations Act 2001 to 20 only Retail Investors), with an offer to a limited number of Sophisticated Investors.

How Many Shareholders Are There?

The Company is now 20 years old and the Founders have effectively funded the exploratory work and Jorc Code Reporting with a small number of off shore Investors. More recently, Hop2it Australasia has moved into a Shareholders position making less than ten (10) retail and sophisticated Investors registered with ASIC.

How Ws The Share Price Of AUD$0.52c Derived?

The Company is moving from that of an exploration entity to that of a mineral mining operation. To this end new capital is required to move the Comany to commercialisation, revenue and profits. An independent consulting company FeaseX Pty Ltd was engaged to undertake a complete feasibility study of the Mt Coolon Kaolin Project and breakdown all costs and forward projected revenues and profit expressed as EBITA. From this study we derived a current Share price contained within our Private Offer documents.

How Many Shares Can I Purchase?

In this Share Offer Round, the Company is seeking to raise AUD$5 million over the next 12 months. This equates to an issue of 9,615,384 million Ordinary Shares. Any Investor can acquire the total amount of Shares in offer in tis tranche, however a marketable parcel would see a purchase of approximately 481,000 Shares which we have targeted for sophisticated Investors.

How Can I Obtain An Offer Document And Application?

By going to any page on this website and clicking on the Contact Us buton, we will receive an email. We will send an NDA and Information Memorandum and Financials for your consideration. We look forward to you becoming our next valued Investor.

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