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Fequently Asked Questions

Austral Dutch Kaolin Pty Ltd was incorporated in 2001 for the purposes of exploration of north Queensland for the Kaolin and associated minerals.

What is Kaolin used for?

Kaolin is also called China Clay, named after the Kao-ling Hill in China which has been mined for centuries. A soft white clay that is an essential ingredient in the manufacture of Bone China and crockery, porcelain and is widely used in the making of paper, rubber, paint, high purity alumina, metakaolin and many other products.

Approximately forty percent (40%) of all Kaolin produced is used in the filling and coating of paper world-wide. Kaolin is used extensively in the ceramic industry, where its high fusion temperature and white burning characteristics makes it particularly suitable for the manufacture of whiteware (China), porcelain, and refractories. Substantial tonnages of kaolin are used for filling rubber to improve its mechanical strength and resistance to abrasion. Kaolin is also used as an extender and flattening agent in paints. It is frequently used in adhesives for paper to control the penetration into the paper. Kaolin is an important ingredient in ink, organic plastics, some cosmetics, and many other products where it’s very fine particle size, whiteness, chemical inertness, and absorption properties give it particular value.

Where is Kaolin mined?

Kaolin traditionally has been mined in China, hence the name “kao lin” as well as the USA and the UK. Other countries mine Kaolin such as Uzbekistan, Czech Republic, Germany, and of course Australia. 

The USA by far is the largest producer of Kaolin and it is a relatively new product for Australia to mine. Kaolin has many uses and with secondary processing it can produce a number of sub minerals vastly increasing its base mines value.

How is Kaolin used?

In its natural state kaolin is a white, soft powder consisting principally of the mineral kaolinite. Kaolin is an aluminium silicate, in addition to kaolinite minerals, clay minerals such as montmorillonite, illite and pyrophyllite are often associated with kaolinite, as well as non-clay minerals such as quartz, feldspar, iron oxide and titanium minerals and organic matters. Fine Quartz or Silica has great revenue potential and is both abundant and is the main dilutant in Kaolin.

In order to produce kaolin products that can meet the needs of various industrial fields, physical method, chemical method and high temperature calcining methods are used to make pozzolan used in cement and to increase the whiteness.

Traditional Land Ownersl?

The company as responsible miner acknowledges and a braces full engagement with the local aboriginal community. Through traineeships and sponsor programs the company with engage with the youth in the group to provide pathways to better outcomes. Respect for the history of the land forms part of Company Policy to ensure the negotiated outcomes are adhered to and company embraces tradition with respect and engagement of the tribal elders.