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Austral Dutch Kaolin Pty Ltd ACN 097 469 139 was incorporated to undertake the exploration and mining of  the Kaolin mineral from Mt Coolon in central Queensland Australia

What We Do

Mining & Resources

The company has experience, hardware and management.

Building Construction

ADK’s new management has building construction experience.

Building & Site Repairs

We procure and maintain our own mining and mineral processing  equipment.

About Austral Dutch Kaolin

The Founders incorporated Austral Dutch Kaolin Pty Ltd ACN 097 469 139 in 2001 and have managed and kept the company in good order for 20 years. The Founding Chairman, Mr Albert Stahr, introduced a number of international Investors from Europe, mainly Holland and the Company Shares have been held tightly through this period of exploration, core sampling, mineral opportunity evaluation and a raft of mining and environmental challenges that were bestowed upon them by the Australian Government

The Founders are also Shareholders who have contributed significantly to this Kaolin and Oil Shale project, by providing seed capital, governance, boring and drilling equipment, technical geology and mine operations and project management expertise over a 20-year period. The Mt Coolon mining project has been maintained, and the knowledge flame has been passed over to a new energetic team who have plans to drive the project to the public market via a listed entity.

The company has recently undergone a board restructure and merged with companies offering synergistic opportunities and skills.

Our Mission

Whilst seeking a public listing, seek out and either merge or acquire companies involved in the mining of high quality mineral resources that are synergistic with our experience and management capabilities. 

Our Vision

Synergistic asset operations backed by benchmark management systems leading to asset optimization and maximized returns.

Our Values

The Directors have strong values of integrity and loyalty. With years of disciplined experience in manpower and resource management, the development of mining and other start-ups, agriculture, and innovative technology. The maintenance of these values is both mission-critical and part of the company’s business mandate in its dealings with the local communities and Traditional Land Owners, and our Shareholders. Full transparency in all business activities and commitment to building assets in a balanced structural way, is key to the ultimate success of the both companies and for the betterment of all shareholders.

20 Years of Experience


Mt Coolon Kaolin Project

The cmpany has been operating at Mt Coolon under EPMs and MDLs since 2001. This region is our backyard. We have cobducted, drilling and sampling to produce a JORC Report.


Driling & Core Sampling

Drilling and geologic sampling has taken place on our EPMs for 20 years. The mining moratorium years allowed us to study our findings and prepare reports.


Geology & JORC Reporting

On site geology and further exploration has been conducted by Sydney William Hayes, S.W. (Bill) Hayes, BSc, METM(Qld) FAusIMM, MGSA, FIQ of S.W. Hayes & Associates, and current ADK Director.

Years Established

Construction Projects

Field Workers

Office Staff

“Austral Dutch Kaolin Pty Ltd (‘ADK’) is a longstanding Queensland mining company which over the last 20 years since incorporation by its Founders, has held their strong vision to seek out, through exploration, the highest export quality industrial minerals to maintain Australia’s position as a leader in green mining to support international manufacturing.”

Gregory P.E. Hannan – Managing Director

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