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Mt Coolon Mine

Our Kaolin, Oil Shale and Gold mining opportunites have been under EPM and MDL s for exploration and Mining for the last 20 years. Some 400 million tonnes of high-quality Kaolin have been estimated as an inferred to indicated resource in a bed with an approximate average thickness of 15 metres of high-grade Kaolin. We are seeking new Investors to come with us in this exciting mining project.

Mine Exploration

Mt Cooloon is located in central Queensland Australia. We are exploring the extent of Kaolin and other opportunities there.

Mineral Exploration

We hold a number of Exploration (EPMs) and Mining Licences. Our interest is in Kaolin as well as Oil Shale and Gold from this proposed Mt Coolon Mine.

Project Planning

Our management has over 75 years experience in Mine, Building and Project Management. This Kaolin mining enterprise is 20 years in project planning.

Traditional Land Owners

We work closely with the Traditional Land Owners in areas of mining, land reclamation, education and business opportunities for local Aborigionals.

Environmental Care

Our Group has a number of leading edge “green technologies” and experience with which to protect the environment through reclamation projects.

Mine Site Management

We have full time mining site management and all necessary accommodation and staff facilities even though the Kaolin Mine is  2.5 hours away from Charters Towers and the Port city of Mackay.


Eco Friendly Mining

Our Group are in the fertilizer business and and cultivate moringa and hemp for land reclamation.


The Newest Technology

We utilize the latest renewable energy technology to operate our mining interests.


Highly Experienced Mining Management

Our management have over 75 years of project, mine, and site management experience.

Mt Coolon Kaolin Mining

We have chosen to Extract with Cell harvesting method to reduce Environmental impact and harvest as demand continues to grow. Cell mining also provides water infrastructure long term for agriculture support in the rehabilitation phase of our Kaolin project.

Cells are controlled with an average size of 200 metres long by 50 metres wide, mine management becomes efficient and rehabilitation is progressive with the mining operations. With cell mining there is also the ability to cover the extraction area to control water ingress during the wet season, to enable mining 12 months of the year.

The Kaolin Mine underwent a significant Jorc Code Reporting process including many core samples taken from drilling and other geologic processes. We have undertaken a comprehensive feasibility study into all aspects of the Mt Coolon Kaolin and Oil Shale project.

Approximately forty percent (40%) of all Kaolin produced is used in the filling and coating of paper world-wide. Kaolin is used extensively in the ceramic industry, where its high fusion temperature and white burning characteristics makes it particularly suitable for the manufacture of whiteware (China), porcelain, and refractories.

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We’ve Been Mining For Over 20 years

Incorporated in 2001, Austral Dutch Kaolin Pty Ltd ACN 097 469 139 has the experience and management to deliver high quality minerals to the export and secondary processing markets.

Our Mining Projects

Kaolin is also called China Clay, named after the Kao-ling Hill in China which has been mined for centuries. A soft white clay that is an essential ingredient in the manufacture of Bone China and crockery, porcelain and is widely used in the making of paper, rubber, paint, high purity alumina, metakaolin and many other products. Kaolin is the primary mineral we are mining and will move to secondary processing.


Mt Coolon Queensland

Besides the traditional conversion of Oil Shale to oil products. Oil Shale has a high percentage of carbon (30%, so we have a use for it in our Australian Liquid Fertilizer venture. Fulvic and Humic Acid are also bi-products. Australia does not presently extract crude oil from Oil Shale, although it has massive resources, however, Oil (shale oil) can be readily extracted from Oil Shale by heating it. 


Mt Coolon Queensland

Including Mt Coolon which requires further exploration to maximise Gold extraction, our Group has three hard rock and alluvial Gold Mining interests. In parallel with Kaolin, we plan to commence mining in Q1 of 2022 on a small scale utilizing our own Gold Wash Plant with Scrubber and Trommel.  As we drill and take further core samples we plan to acquire new EPMs and MLs to extract Gold from the mining site.


Mt Coolon Queensland

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Gold Mining

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